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  • About me & Pedagogy

    Every day I wake up excited knowing

    I get the opportunity to help positively transform

    and build confidence in the lives of young people.

    Kim Johnson Lozano (In the classroom)

    Transforming lives as an art Educator

    Growing up in culturally diverse and artistically thriving Southern California, I have always loved the arts. It began with me spending my formative years immersed in the performing arts: singing, dance, and theatre. In high school I discovered the beauty of the visual arts.


    I always knew my career would be in the arts, and it was in university where I discovered the joy of teaching when I was given the opportunity to become a Teaching Assistant and empower others to take control of their learning. I have been an educator for over a decade. I am continually inspired and honoured to educate and empower young people so they in return are empowered to empower others.


    I believe in the life-changing and life-shaping power of 21st century learning (character, communication, collaboration, creativity, culture, critical thinking), compassion, encouragement, honesty, inquiry, perseverance, balance, reflection, team-work, and life-long learning.


    I believe regardless of age, we have a blank slate of opportunities to become more, do more, and positively impact and transform the world and the communities around us, be them on a local or global scale.


    For me, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to transform the lives of individuals. It is an unexpected byproduct of this opportunity that young people in return transform my life daily.


    Every day, being in the field of education offers new opportunities to be a part of something bigger than myself. I get to be a part of an elite group of people who help others learn they can become greater than what they ever thought possible. I get to be a part of a group who helps others achieve their dreams, be it becoming an artist, or simply mastering the art of believing in oneself.


    I get to do all of this through a discipline I have loved my entire life: Art.


  • An Alternate Perspective

    Blog and Reflections on Art • Education • Life

  • Experience

    I have been honoured to be surrounded by great leaders and visionaries

    who believed in me and taught me to become more than what I thought I could become.

    They have inspired me to do that same in the lives of others.

    Kim Johnson Lozano (creating Beacon Poles)

    Visual Arts Educator

    • California State Certified Educator
    • Educator of High School: Graphic Design, Digital Art, Drawing and Painting, Ceramic Art, Sculpture, MYP Visual Art years 1- 5, Yearbook (v.10, v.11, v12, v13), and Newspaper
    • Educator of Middle School:  MYP 3 (grade 8) Art 
    • IB Certified in: Group 6: MYP Arts, Approaches to Learning, Creating Authentic Units, Extended Essay (Role of  the Supervisor), Investigating Inquiry
    • SAT Proctor, 2018- 2019
    • Head of Art Department, 2013-2018
    • Curriculum Development for Visual Arts Electives
    • MYP Personal Project Advisor
    • DP Extended Essay Advisor
    • Guest lecturer in TOK



    Kim Johnson Lozano (Arts Gala)

    Co-Curricular Service

    • School Site Council Secretary, 2020
    • School Site IB Committee Member, 2019- Present
    • Coordinator for Annual High School Collaborative Arts Night , 2014- 2019
    • Activity and Event Photographer, 2008-2019
    • Musical Choreography Supervisor, 2014
    •  Dance Supervisor, 2014-2016
    • New Teacher Mentoring Committee, 2013-2015
    • Assistant Cheer Coach, 2012-2014 
    • School Graphic Design Advisor, 2008-2019
    • School Portrait Coordinator, 2008-2019
    • Graduation Planning Committee, 2011- 2019


    Kim Johnson Lozano (Philippines Service Trip)

    Volunteer Service

  • Technology Proficiency.Skills.Hobbies

    On my first day as an educator, I was told by the Principal, Rod Wallace,

    "We work hard and we play even harder".

    This is what I live by in order to maintain a balanced life.

    Kim Johnson Lozano (Understanding the Cloud)

    Technology Proficiency

    • Apple Teacher
    • Google Certified Educator: Level 2 
    • 1:1 laptop environment
    • Mac and PC platforms and products
    • Educational online and offline tools, databases, software, and applications
    • Adobe Bridge, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Apple iWork, Atlas Rubicon, PowerSchool, Schoology,  Google Drive (G Suite), Managebac, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi


    Kim Johnson Lozano (Singing)

    Skills & Hobbies

    • Family, being a mother, friends, coffee, and good conversation
    • Travel
    • Photography
    • Graphic Art
    • Painting and Sculpture
    • Reading (Art, Fantasy, and Period Drama books)
    • Singing
    • Dance (contemporary, ballet, jazz)
    • Board games 
    • Puzzles
    • Watching Fantasy and Comic movies
    • Art History: YouTube Channel
  • Social Me

    I'm an art enthusiast, teacher, and historian.This is the way I see art in the world and is a glimpse into my life, family, and friends.

  • Education

    I am an academic at heart.

    I love studying, reading, and writing.

    I am a life-long learner.

    University of La Verne (ULV)

    B.A. (2003-2006)

    Communications with an emphasis in Multimedia Art

    Azusa pacific University (APU)

    M.A. (2013-2017)

    Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism

    California Teaching Credential

    Single Subject



    Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate

    Summer 2019

    EL Authorisation

    Red Cross Certified

    Summer 2019

    Adult and Infant AED and CPR certified

  • Recommendations

    Being an educator makes the world a little bit smaller,

    and it makes those who come into your life all the more important.

    Caelan Hodge

    Former Student (c/o 2018),

    Currently at Case Western Reserve University

    the one thing that really stuck out to me most was the intense dedication Ms. Lozano had for her profession as a teacher...When there were students who were falling behind on their work, her no nonsense attitude was something I really admired and transferred into attitudes about my own academics... I wanted to emulate her dedication to her discipline...I began to understand not just skills I could use in the classroom but life...I will continue to remember after I have long left GSIS, and have been an integral part in why I love my GSIS community. Ms. Lozano is a friend of mine that I have tremendous respect for. Because of her I grew and formed my place in my school community...This is the power of a teacher; To enable a student to realize their passions and strengths, recognize their value in their community, and allow them to be the best they can be.


    For full video of speech click here

    Tiffeney Brown @tabifFy

    Vice Principal at Brunswick Senior High School, USA

    When observing her classes, I am engaged and feel invigorated by her teaching style. Her lesson plans are always well planned, adequately paced, and organised with great resources and integration of technology. She works to incorporate an element of research and discovery with a variety of different examples to spark the attention of students, which motivates them to expand their exploration.

    JunWoo Kang

    Former Student (c/o 2019),

    Currently at Stanford University

    Mrs. Lozano brings open-mindedness into the classroom. She is passionate about teaching, and willing to develop passions of her students. She teaches there is no limit to what her students can achieve. There is no feelings of fear, distress, or remorse when you know she is your teacher. During my sophomore year in high school, although I knew I was interested in creative writing, I was too insecure to share my work with anyone else. However, it was Mrs. Lozano who was willing to take a look at my work and encourage me to publish them. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to solidify my passion in creative writing, and I am forever grateful for that. There is no other teacher I've met who is more supportive, fun, and understanding than Mrs. Lozano. I cannot emphasise enough how much I look up to her.


    Junwoo Kang is the author of the novel "Not All Gold Glitters".

    Suzy Lee

    YouTube Software Engineer (Former Student)

    I assure you, you're not the best art teacher or the best Publications teacher, but THE best teacher. You have a passion for teaching, you give constructive criticism, and you deliver eloquent lectures... You helped me embrace my artistic side. In ninth grade, I was in complete denial. I didn't think I had any artistic talent, and I believed that I didn't want anything to do with art, but you changed my perception. I can't emphasize enough how much of a role model you are to me.


    Suzy Lee is author and illustration artist of 'The Cartoon Periodic Table". She continues to use art as a tool to educate others. She is a graduate of Northwestern University.



    Ryan Kim

    Illustration Artist (former student)

    A great art instructor should balance their lessons with a combination of structure and freedom. No where was this more prevalent for me than when I was in Kim’s publications class; where we focused on putting out the school’s yearbook and newsletters. The class actually made you put what you learned into practice: it had guidelines that everyone had to follow but still allowed the freedom for students to design and write. The hours were gruelling but the sense of accomplishment I felt after completing the entire yearbook is the reason I decided to pursue a career in visual arts.


    Ryan Kim is a New York based Illustration artist. His work is "deeply rooted in the practice of traditional surrealism and its ties to personal, psychological exploration"



    Ziho Hwang

    Former Student (c/o 2016),

    Graduate of Coventry University

    What Ms. Lozano means to me now differs greatly from what she meant to me when I first met her and while I was her student. I met her as a teacher, but she is beyond just a teacher. I knew I was blessed to have her in my academic life, but now I have left high school I can appreciate the days in school. I hope other students do not miss out on an amazing teacher.


    Ziho Hwang is the cover designer for Author Tony White and the Blast Theory's publication: "A Place Free of Judgment". He is a current graduate of Coventry University and hold a degree in Automotive and Transport Design



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