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The 6 C's of Education

flip the way you learn art

· Visual Art,Learning

We have all most likely heard about the 4 C's of Education, but as an international educator and a global citizen I was highly intrigued when one of my PLN buddies ( @mcelroy23 ) tweeted about the 6 C's of education (adding culture and connectivity into the mix) naturally, I wanted to see how I could integrate this into my classroom. Rather than write up a whole blog about the process - I figured it would be best to make a video on the journey. I do have some reflective comments on this and they begin with "Oh my gosh! This was so much fun." I looked forward to coming to work so much more than I have in awhile. It was incredible to see students fall naturally into roles of 6 C's. It sped up learning as they learned not only from me, but from their peers. They challenged one another and never felt alone or like they were doing anything "wrong", because they were all inquiring together. I am now convinced when developing art skills and techniques or gaining familiarity with a medium and/or material, collaborative formative art is a great way to go. I have never seen so much learning, fun, laughter, and fluid conversation (on and off topic) happen in once place.

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